Why Join Us

1. ZERO onboarding fee. If you don’t earn, you don’t pay
Makan Guru has no setup fees, no listing fees, no admin fees, nothing. Onboard with us for FREE!

2. Lowest Commission Rate In Market - Retain Most Of Your Profit Margin
Only 5-10% commission of your total sales. You retain 90-95% of your sales!

3. Hassle Free and Quick Turnaround!
Sign up, onboard, and start selling all within a short turnaround of 2 business days! We do all the uploading of your menu for you too!

4. Islandwide Delivery
Anywhere on the main island, we deliver them!

Go Digital

Bring your business online and enjoy unlimited exposure to potential customers islandwide.

Makan Guru is both simple and fuss-free to use, allowing you to display your tasty food to them anytime, anywhere.


You call the shots. Choose between on-demand orders or pre-orders or both! Set your operating days and time. Set your own minimum order amount or entice customers with a free delivery tier so you can upsell the orders.

All-Round Leverage

Get digital when you ditch manual pen and paper ordering. View collated orders instantly on our merchant app.

Prep orders during off-peak periods to maximise your time and enjoy the choice of cashless payments.

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